From ‘I Should’ to ‘I Did

Lessons from Sports for Financial Success

In today’s episode of RYU Podcast, Michael skillfully draws parallels between the world of sports and the realm of financial mindset. He starts by highlighting a key distinction: the difference between playing to win and playing not to lose.

To illustrate this point, he reminisces about a high school basketball game where his team, while focused on defense and preventing the opposing team from scoring, ultimately lost the game. This anecdote serves as a powerful analogy for how solely concentrating on financial defense, like saving and protecting your money, can sometimes hinder your overall financial success.

Michael introduces the concept of going on the financial offense, likening it to taking calculated risks in sports to secure a victory. He discusses the potential benefits of using a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) to accelerate mortgage payoff, emphasizing that being on the financial offense involves learning to manage risk wisely.

Drawing from a survey of elderly individuals, Michael underscores a common regret among them: not taking more risks in their lives, which often translates to not making bold financial moves when they had the chance.

The episode challenges conventional wisdom surrounding mortgages and encourages listeners to consider HELOCs as a less risky and more financially responsible option for managing their finances. It inspires a shift from a defensive financial mindset to a proactive one, where taking calculated risks can lead to lasting wealth and financial success. Tune in to gain valuable insights into building a winning financial game plan.


What You’ll Find In This Episode:

  • (00:15) Illustrating the difference in mindset.
    (01:00) Playing to win.
    (02:12) Actually taking action.
    (02:30) Concept of utilizing a home equity line of credit (HELOC) for mortgage payoff.
    (03:00) Debt elimination.
    (03:30) Regrets about not taking more risks.
    (04:30) Benefits of HELOCs and mortgages.
    (05:30) The call to embrace risk.

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