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How to Pay Off Your Home in 5-7 Years on Your Current Income with Michael Lush.

If you are like me, you have looked at your mortgage statement and seen that regularly making those monthly payments barely makes a dent in the principal balance. I feel your pain. Fortunately, you are about to discover a proven method of paying off your home in an average of five to seven years, using only your current income.

This method is not on trial. The evidence is in, and it works! What is on trial is whether you will actually put this information to work and set your family free from debt. How are we so confident? It’s simple. It is math, not magic. We didn’t create math.

Comments From Clients

...and it's saving me thousands of dollars on interest payments which is thousands of dollars that I keep in my pocket that the bank doesn't have.

Doug Krull, Hendersonville, Tennessee

We know we will be able to retire with our house paid off and a little bit of passive income from the investments.

Stephanie Gasparo, California

I eliminated my fixed amortized bank debt on my primary residence two years ago ($385K to zero in three years) using the principles outlined by RYM.

What was missing was knowledge and guidance to go beyond my primary residence and eliminate the debt on my rental properties. Non owner occupied lines of credit are very hard to find thus RYM was exactly the missing link to bridging that gap and executing income property debt elimination thus subsequent purchased of more income assets.

Without RYM, I would have not been able to blueprint and or execute such an outcome.

Captain Michael Murray, Los Angeles, California

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